The River That Flows Into The Sands

Monotypes by Andrew Chalk


Presented in a heavy board, quarter clothbound portfolio, each with an original frontispiece graphic and containing five original  monotypes of each (300 X 400 mm) : printed on 240 gsm ivory litho paper, loose

mounted on archival black mounts

The monotypes are based on the graphic sleeves of the music album of the same name released by Faraway Press in 2005/2018. This collection further expands the nuances of literal and inferred landscape subjects

began thirteen years' ago in a more thoughtful and subjective association.

Each monotype is very much unique by virtue of the process and also a development of the subject, but retains a common thread of incorporeal presence to viewer and printmaker alike.


The River That Flows Into The Sands was entirely hand printed and bound into portfolios in January 2018 and is

available in an edition of 20 signed and numbered copies only.

Portfolio size is approx. 40 X 31 cms and is a substantial piece.




Thank you.            

February 2018



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